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Cookies policy

The page explains how cookies are used by this site. If you continue to use this site, you consent to their use.

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small files stored on your computer by your web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) at the request of a site you visit. This allows the site you are visiting to remember things about you, such as your preferences, history, or continued identification. Cookies can be stored on your computer for a short period (for example, only if your browser is open) or for an extended period of time, even years. The cookies created by this site will not be accessible to us.

Our use of cookies

This site uses cookies for many things, including: The operation of the site, Retargeting advertising (remarketing) as well as the analysis of your preferences. It must ensure that you can stay logged in and keep the site in the language or appearance that you have requested.


Google Analytics: This allows us to determine how people use the site and to improve it.

Advertising Cookies: If this site displays advertisements, cookies may be set by advertisers to determine who has seen an advertisement or similar things. These cookies may be set by third parties, in which case this site does not have the ability to read or modify these cookies.

Other cookies: For integration with third-party platforms like Facebook. The sharing of these cookies will usually be set by third parties, independently, so this site will not have the ability to access them.

You can obtain the complete list of our cookies on the legal notice page.

Removing / disabling cookies

The control of cookies and their preferences must be manipulated within your browser. Here is a list of guides on how to do this for popular navigation software: